Gothica Bohemica welcomes You
in times long past.

Our mission is to bring You near to history and make it in domain, that guides You throught all the time, that is allocated for You in this World. It's the Art of cabinmaking – behold! On what are You sitting on, where are You eating, in what are You sleeping? Where are Your clothes resting – where is Your armor dwelling? What is the best place for Your swords or cither?
We know the answer to that question. With a long tradition we're addicted to renovation of originals and manufacturing of replicas of the cabinetmaking art of our ancestors.
In section Gallery You can see samples of our work, where We care of traditional methods in manufacturing constructive attachment, technological methods or surface conditioning. We encounter any of Your wishes, ideas or Your phantasy. 
Do You own a Castle, Household, Pub, Brewery or just a favorite room? We'll furnish it to your complete satisfaction.
Let thee be welcomed in the world of Gothica Bohemica.